Jocelyn Loses Herself

Jocelyn was feeling knocked off her pedestal after her embarrassing outburst, and was glad for the scarf now wrapped around her head. She tried to hide her blushing cheeks behind it as she followed the pilot across to the big airport.

Once inside, she was even more grateful. Not only did she blend in, but the closeness of the crowd made her uncomfortable. being uncomfortable made her blush even more. She shrank behind the pilot. This was not a situation she was comfortable with!

Then she reminded herself that she was on her way out of here to a very important business meeting and she did not have to tolerate this for long! She lifter her eyes to look around at the bustling terminal. A man was staring right at her. When her eyes met his, the curiosity turned to a sick pleasure and the corner of his mouth twitched in a smirk. Joceyn shuddered.

By then the pilot and she were the next in line at the counter. She showed her ticket and the man pointed her to the correct boarding area. His eyes were bored, at least.

After the pilot had seen her safely aboard, she relaxed in the upholstered seat and took a moment to close her eyes and breathe deeply.

She felt a tap on her shoulder. She opened her eyes and a large woman in traditional muslim garb frowned at her. She pointed to the seat past Jocelyn's. She stood and allowed the woman to pass. Sitting back down beside her without touching her was nearly impossible, though.

Across the aisle a young man stowed his carry on and briefcase. He sat and it wasn't until he gave a customary smile that Jocelyn realized she was staring. He was gorgeous! Tall, dark haired, chiseled jaw, great muscle tone, and tanned as if he spent time on many a tropical island, this man was a looker. And his teeth were bright white and straight.

Jocelyn imagined herself sipping a coconut drink in a beach chair next to him on a white sandy beach. She blushed.

She HAD to stop doing that! When had she become so sensitive!? She never blushed this often in such a short span! It was her logical, serious, business-like manner that had gotten her this far without fail, and she was apparently not using it!

The plane soon took off and the large lady was soon asleep. She began to snore. Jocelyn tried to enjoy her flight but also tried to sit on the very edge of the seat to avoid wakign the sleeping lady. She imagined if she woke her, the lady would react exactly like a bear waking up too early from hibernation!

The man across the aisle noticed her discomfort and sent her a sympathetic look. She melted a little inside.

"That's why I chose this seat. Every time. Never had to sit by anyone annoying."

"Beg pardon?"

"I always sit in this seat, G7. It's lucky."

"Lucky? Always? How often do you travel through here?"

"Every week. I sell medical equipment."


"My supplier is in France. Been in the biz for 7 years now! Glad to find an English speaker. I just knew you were the moment I saw you!"

"Don't see many?"

"Oh a few, yes. But most are men."


"Not many ladies choose to fly these airways."

"Why not?"

"It's...traditional. This is a men's flight."

"What? You're pulling my leg! SHE is on here, what about her?" Jocelyn pointed over her shoulder at the snoring behemoth behind her.

"SHE is the first wife of the owner of this airline. Very important woman. She always sits in that row. Travels between her estates, manages them."


"Are you always this gullible?" The man chuckled at her.

No she wasn't. What was going on? It was like she was in another dimension! She had never been duped in her life! Jocelyn shook her head and sat back in her seat. She wasn't ready to talk to anyone right now. She needed to think things out.

Unfortunately, the plane began its descent. She would be arriving in Paris in a few minutes.

The End

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