Chapter 3

Time ticked on, and Jo became impatient. She was rather hoping for something to happen, because at least it would mean that her boredom would be overcome. More electro-bugs snapped at her feet, and once again they were neutralised in one simple push.

Suddenly the buildings on the other side of Lake Snitch, the facility that Jo had been keeping a close eye on, burst into violent ruby and amethyst-coloured flames, their shadows glowing iridescent across the rippling depth.

Dark figures loomed on the opposite side of the lake. They were huge, spanning more than ten metres in height, with thick bodies that clanked as they glided forward. Jo spotted, in the light from the flames, shining electronic eyes, and silver-plated arms, muscles of a computer-being.

The beings stopped at the shoreline, but after that moment of hesitation, they continued to walk forward, gliding straight into the inky expanse. Of course, they were tall enough not to sink under, and their plated bodies must have been coated, or manipulated, to withstand water just like any normal human.

As her heart hammered in her chest. She told herself to remain crouched; the less they could see of her, the more likely she was in escaping, and defeating the enemy. Taking deep breaths, she mused to herself about being steady and brave, two of the many things that agents like her needed for missions like these. Okay…

This was the real trouble the enemy had sent.

The End

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