All in a day's work

Carly had reached home about half an hour ago but was too lazy to do much other than lie in the bathtup filled with warm, soapy water. As she layed in the bathtub, she turned on one of her 2 t.v's, and watched the news, a reported stood infront of a familiar sceen.

"This is place where earlier, a red Chevy van careened off of the overpass just above us, and crashed in this alleyway just an hour ago. Tragically an elderly lady was killed from the impact of the car and two passenger, including the driver, were killed." He said somberly.

"Sorry 'bout that," She said to the ceiling, directed at the soul of the elderly lady, wherever it may be.

"There could possibly be weapons in the van as something resembeling a TAC-9 Automatic Pistol was pulled out from the middle of the van's wreckage. But police couldn't confirm the sighting for it was 'Police evidence'." He said sadly.

"Darn right, and my property!" Carly said to the t.v. screen. She turned off the t.v. and had her supper after which, she made her report for the office.

"Transportation report for April 23, condition of mission, failure. Reason of failure, hijacking of vehicle which caused the van to crash off of the freeway overpass, landing on an elderly lady returning her groceries. Condition of cargo, part of it is destroyed, however, my TAC-9 pistol and the Sword of Thunder was retrieved. Thank god." She added. She finished the report and closed up shop for the night.

----- The next morning -----

After having to take the metro to the office, a most boring and annoying way to do so, she walked up the many steps to the Museum of Artifacts. One of the information clerks at the desk greeted her.

"Ah hello Ms. Carly! Have a good night?" He asked kindly

"Yes, other than a nasty bump on the head, I'm fine." She replied. He handed her her card that unlocked the door to her part of the museum, the one marked 'Employees only'.

She scaned her card, as usual, and walked down the resulting stairwell to another door where she had to put in her 5 number password. She did so, keeping it a secret, and entered the ornate hall that lie just underneith of the main part of the museum. The big hall was filled with ornate pieces of art and artifacts from around the globe. Japanese swords lie in a display case to her right, beside a larger case filled with Zulu war shields being held by dummies. This was her work, she was a transporter for the museum of Special Artifacts, things that in some way or another, were too special to keep in public 24/7.

A man in the middle of the hall, walked over to her as she reminisced about her many travels to this place.

"Welcome home Carly!" Falcon greeted. He shook her hand and gave her a friendly hug.

"Good to be back. How's the sword?" She asked. He look happy all the same.

"Just the same as if it was forged just hours ago. Still sharp, nearly cut one of our test dummies in half! Top down!" Falcon said, surprising Carly.

"And yet it didn't hurt me when I landed on it." She said.

"Really? You landed on it? You actually landed on it and didn't get hurt? That's amazing!" He exclaimed. Carly blushed.

"Some of us are just lucky I guess."

"Too right mate." He replied. Another man, this time in a business suit and crisp red tie walked up to them.

"Carly, nice to see you back at the office so soon." The man greeted.

"Thanks, I'm ready for my next job." She said. The man had a small twinkle in his eyes as he admired the determination.

"Well that's good." He pulled out a PDA, "All the information is on this Ipod, you will find your target, cargo and some other stuff in here. Also you are getting a partner."

"Eh," She asked.

"Falocn here will be your partner." He replied. Falcon grinned as Carly looked at him with a surprised face.

"No way! No way!" She exclaimed. He could only smile as she playfully pummled him with her fists.

"Good luck, and try not to fall on any swords again." The man warned as she and Falcon walked out toward the garage.

----- On the road to the Manchester Branch -----

After they had climbed into their new Chevy van, they had packed their cargo into the middle of the van, this time, secured with a lot of bungie cords. They were headed to Manchester, a few hours away from the London area. Things were uneventful for the first few hours, that was until they noticed another van tailing them.

"You see that big blue van behind us?" Falcon asked. He was at the wheel.

"Yep, I don't think he's getting off us." Carly thought out loud. Suddenly, the van pulled ahead of them on the almost deserted highway, revealing another van behind it, and slammed on it's brakes. Falcon cursed as he twisted the wheel around and pulled the emergincy brake. They coasted to a stop in the middle section and Falcon got out.

"What the blood hell were they thinking?" He yelled. There was a loud crack and a hole appeared in the hood of the van.

"Take cover man!" Carly yelled. She pulled out her TAC-9 pistol as more shots rang out and peppered the van. The bullet-resistant glass and sides would pretect them for a while, but not forever.

Carly rolled over to the driver's side and slipped out. She saw the two vans had stopped and men in black suits had jumped out and were shooting at Falcon and her. She raced over to her partner who had his M9 Baretta out and had already been popping shots off.

"Heck of a first day back eh?" He asked. Carly nodded as they began the fight for their lives and their cargo.

The End

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