Decision making Suits

Carly's heart skipped a beat as she thought about the cell phone. If she tried to return to the scene and retrieve it, that would just cause more questions to be flying. But she remembered that it was in her backpack, she could try to explain it as shock from the crash... yes, that was the way.

Hurrying as fast as she could, she backtracked to the scene of the crash. The man and woman from before had righted themselves, but the phone's ringer had silenced. The man looked at his companion and patted her on the back. The crowds had disapated somewhat so it was more or less unnoticed that she slipped back into the wreckage to grab the bag. She did and slipped off to the station again.

As she re-entered her card into the system, in another terminal so that confusion wouldn't erupt in the system, she pulled out her cell phone and looked at the screen and saw the message. It's the same number always, she thought to herself. She pressed the send button once, and the number automatically dialed. A few seconds later, the phone was answered.

"Hello, who is this?" A gruff voice on the other end asked.

"Carly, I need to speak to Falcon." She replied. She moved with the crowd to the next train to the Embankment station. There was a pause before a second more controlled voice answered the phone.

"Carly, what is going on here?" The man on the other end asked. Carly deftly wove in and out of the crowd and made it to the train, just as the doors closed behind her.

"Just a little mix up that's all." She replied calmly. The man on the other end just laughed.

"Oh really? I believe you're early enough to make the 4 o'clock news." Falcon said. Carly sat down on the filled in train as shifts were changing that hour.

"Oh really? Well I wonder why you aren't worried about me right about now. Seems odd eh?" She asked

"Oh now don't play the pity card on me. The police are already asking questions and we are breaking a few backs to get the murder charges released and put on those idiot hijackers." Falcon said. The train lurched forward as it began it's first stretch to the next station.

"Well I can every now and then can't I?" Carly asked, "Don't answer that. What's the fallout from this?"

"Well, top doesn't like it that you lost most of the loot. What we can salvage is you and that's making a lot of people happy. The loss of one of our most expierenced transporters would be quite a blow to the company."

"Yes I bet it would. And you wouldn't have anyone to fool around with during boring roadtrips would you?" The two of them laughed as the situation became lighter every second. A comotion on the other line was heard as the speaker changed from Falcon to a crisp, clean cut, almost mechanical voice.

"Carly, is that you young lady?" the speaker asked

"Yes sir, it is me." Carly asked. Always when something went wrong, one of the executives had to step in.

"Are you injured in any way? I'd hate to have to file a damage report on you." the man asked.

"Other than a big old lump on the back of my head from the hijackers, nothing too serious." Carly replied. The spot still hurt this long after the crash.

"Good, I want you straight in the office first thing tomorrow, until then, get some rest. We'll handle the fallout this time, my treat." the exec. told her.

"Understood. Sorry about the goods. I couldn't do anything for two people off the street rushed to my aid after I crawled out." Carly apoligized. It was her first screw up.

"Yes well, as far as I've heard from the Metro police, they have found most of the crates intact. Including the Sword of Lightning. The entire reason for your run in the first place." the exec explaned. Carly eased a bit and thanked him for his help and then closed the phone. What a day this was turning out to be.

The End

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