A Grade-A Screwup

One day, Carly thought. One day she would laugh about this.

She was battered and bruised but amazingly enough, not skewered by the blade of the sword that lay on her back.  She groaned, the engine of the van still running but was also rasping as if it was being choked.  It took some effort to raise her eyes to the front of the van. The overpowering smell of vomit accompanied the pinkish-red shattered windscreen.  As the smell reached her
nostrils, she gagged and clamped her hand over her nose and mouth, fighting off the compulsion to vomit.  Looking in front of her once again, one body was slumped against the dashboard in the passenger seat, or from what she could tell, an almost headless mess.  Adjacent was the driver, who groaned indicating he had some signs of life.

It took her several moments to compose herself with the smell, then moved her hand away and carefully shifted
herself from underneath the sword.  She knew now she was
in a lot of trouble and it would get a whole lot worse if she stuck around.  She dizzily got up, firstly leaning an arm against the side of the van and kneeling, then forcing herself slowly upwards.

She turned her back from the mess up front.  The van was still upright. How she didn't know or even cared, she just knew she was glad to be alive.  But Carly just had to get out.  The rear doors took some force to open them, shouldering them sent searing pain jolting through her body and inside her head.

"C'mon you bastard. Open."

A mumbling came from the groaning hoodie.  She stopped trying the door and turned around.  By now a commotion was forming outside of the van. An idea formed but she had to act fast.  She hunted for her gun and managed to find it stuck underneath the passenger seat.  Prising it away, she did her best to wipe away her prints using the fabric of a bag.

Not ideal she thought as she placed the gun in the driver's hand before elbowing the side of his head.  His temple hit the window.  He wasn't completely knocked out but he certainly wasn't going to recover quickly.

She then dizzly ran at the rear doors.  One flew open upon impact and she almost fell out.  As bright light hit eyes, she had to sheild them.  The traffic in the street had ground to a halt.  A crowd of people had formed in a small cluster about thirty yards away.  Some looked in her direction and a few started to make their way hurriedly towards her.

"Gemme outta here," she tried to shout to them as she slipped onto the asphalt.

How the hell do I get out of this? Carly wondered.

The End

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