Jinxed Hi-Jack

Carly came round to chaos.

Distorted panicked voices, becoming clearer. She noticed it was hot, extremely hot, close to stifling. Her dizziness, still playing at her senses and the back of her head hurt like hell. She winced as she ran her fingers over the pain and felt a lump. Her hearing was coming back and then she started to remember where she was.

In the back of her van.

Her eyes darted around, everything seemed normal, or as normal as a van could be. Except that it carried bags of various weapons. Shotguns, handguns, knives and the odd sword. A ready made arsenal, set for the day on her list of deliveries, of which of course were kept in her head. Then she tried to think. Had she just delivered to Holloway, North London? Or was that the next one? Yes, it was all coming back now. Someone had whacked her round the back of her head just as she was getting into her van at an address in Soho.

She looked around to the front. Two young males were at the front, both wearing hoodies and both argued with each other about where they were to dump the van and preferably how to get rid of the horrific discovery they had just made, one of the bags was unzipped and the butt of a shotgun was sticking out. Good thing none are loaded, Carly thought. She felt the outside of a pocket on her grey overalls and felt the handgun inside it. This one was definitely loaded and these two idiots will soon pay.

The van was being driven at speed. Carly didn't know where, the lad driving was saying they would head back east and that could try and sell the weapons. The other didn't want to know. He just wanted the van dumped, weapons and all. The argument got increasingly louder and more desperate, as the van lurched through the traffic, horns sounding as it cut drivers up.

Why did these two idiots dump me in the back? Carly thought. Good thing they did she supposed as she carefully and slowly took the gun out of her pocket and fumbled off the safety. She raised the gun up and aimed at the passenger. She guessed perhaps that she shouldn't make too many sudden movements, the pain still ravaged the back of her head. She had to take some chance and this was it.

These idiots will pay.

"Stop the van, NOW!" she ordered through gritted teeth.

The End

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