Ashley stormed into her sister’s room, cursing. Goldie, who just had her diaper changed, frowned and asked in a sharp tone:
“Young man; haven’t you been taught that you’re supposed to knock before entering the room of a young lady?”

“Two things wrong with that sentence. First of all;” Ashley replied and held up his index-finger, “I’m barely a boy anymore; am I? Secondly;” he held up his long-finger,” I HAVE been taught that, but I can’t see a lady anywhere in here, only my pain-in-the-ass baby sister, who’s just got her diaper changed by her loving mother. How do you like it so far, by the way?”

Goldie put her arms into the sleeves of her babygro, but as the cuffs had been sewn shut, she had to ask Ashley for help closing the zipper. She looked at her sister, dressed as she was in a pink footed fleece onesie, decorated with clouds, lambs, moons, suns and stars all over it. Her straight, shoulder-length dark brown hair was tucked inside a white frilly linen bonnet, the ribbons tied together under her chin in a gigantic bow-tie. In a clothespin on the front of the gro, a pacifier hung in an embroidered string.

Ashley put the pacifier in her sister’s mouth and made he lie down in her cot again, before putting the barred long-side back. Then she put her arms on the edge, crossed them under her chin, looked down at the girl lying there, smiled, and cooed: “There, now baby; that’s so much better, isn’t it? All warm and nice and dry, and not having a care in the world! I’m actually almost envious.” She pulled the blanket all the way up under her sister’s chin. She reached down and gently stroked her sister’s chin with one finger.

“You love being in diapers as much as I love being girl; don’t you?” She softly asked. ” None of us thought we would, but we do! I don’t think I’d want to go back to being a boy even if I still can; and I don’t think you would consider getting rid of your new lifestyle.


Goldie looked up at her beloved big sister, who once had been her beloved big brother. She was now dressed light blue linen dress with a white stiff petticoat, the dress itself having short, poofy sleeves and lace trimmings around the cuffs, collar and bottom hem, and reached to just below her knees. Lastly, she wore a white bibbed frilly apron.

She also had white sheer, knee-high silk socks, and black patent-leather sandals. She still had a straw-hat perched on top of her flaxen bun which was done using mostly extensions, as her natural hair still wasn’t quite long enough.

Goldie felt her eyelids getting heavier, and just before she fell asleep, she heard Ashley say:

“You sleep for a while, sweetie. I or mum will give you your formula bottle when you’re awake, and then you can play for a while in you pen, before watching some TV.” She felt a final gentle stroke over her chin, before the light was turned out, and she was alone. She looked towards the door and saw there was the usual crack around it, as Ashley hadn’t fully closed it.

“Everything is just as I want it”, she thought with a contented sigh and fell asleep.


Ashley stood quietly outside the door and listened to her sister’s breathing getting calmer and calmer. He smiled as he thought about what had happened since she agreed to become a girl. Even though she had been very reluctant at first, she had soon come to realize she actually liked it; but now she was hooked. The transformation couldn’t come soon enough, as far as she was concerned.

She had been a fast learner, and soon she didn’t need any more lessons in being a girl; both she and Goldie realized early on that she had all the necessary knowledge already within her. All they had to do was bring it to the surface.

She had, almost from the start, almost been forced to learn how to apply make-up to maintain the illusion, and now she was actually real good at it in a way which made it look natural.

The down-side to all that, if you could call it that, was that it gave Goldie more and more time being a baby, to the point she now was one practically all the time. She had even almost completely stopped talking, and never ate any solid food or walked anymore, when at home.

“Now, life is as it should have been from the start,” Ashley thought, as she walked into her own room, to begin doing her homework.

Ashley didn’t mind bottle-feeding her sister either water, milk, or gruel every few hours and all the rest of it, as long as their mother took care of the “diaper-changing” bit. The siblings even had begun playing with each other, something they almost never   did when they were kids.  

The End

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