Two teens visiting their uncle to help him during Christmas, get their lives turned up-side down

“Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way” Goldie hummed as she sat beside her sister Ashley, in the back-seat of the car. The girls were dressed in white, wool pantyhose, red, knee-length white fur-trimmed velvet dresses with several white lace petticoats, black leather mittens and red velvet Santa hats, also with white fur-trims, and black patent-leather boots and fake-fur, waist-long coats. Lastly; they both had their hands crossed and loosely, but neatly, tied together in front of them with white lace ribbons, their mouths cloth-filled and covered with wide strips of white linen.

They were going to stay with their uncle, Sam, on his farm until after the Christmas- and New Year holidays.


The car pulled up in front of the house, and the girls stepped out. Their father, who had been driving, put their suitcases on the ground beside them and quickly drove off.

Sam, a jovial, stubby, 6 foot 5 man with a large white beard, came out.

“Ah; my little elves have arrived,” he said, as he held his arms out to welcome them. “How are that good-for-nothing brother of mine, and his not-so-charming wife? Good, I hope? And you; are you feeling well?”

The girls found themselves engulfed in a bear-hug by their uncle, and then Goldie nodded.

“Good; good! Let me help you carry your bags! I do hope you will have a pleasant stay! I’ve prepared your usual room for you. I do hope you will like it, as I don’t have a clue to what young ladies tastes are nowadays.” The older man kept talking so fast, none of the girls probably wouldn’t have been able to get a word in edge-wise, even if they hadn’t been gagged. He talked all the way to the room, and didn’t stop until they stood in the door-way. He untied their hands and took their mittens off, so they could take their coats off. Having done that, they also took the cloths in their mouths out.

“That’s much better!” Ashley sighed massaging her jaw. “You mustn’t forget to tie our hands back together again later, uncle.”

“I will, whenever you want to. But first; let’s have something to eat, shall we?”

“Yes, please!” Goldie said. “I’m starving!”

“You’re always hungry,” Ashley remarked, “and yet, strangely enough, it never shows on your figure?”

“That’s why they invented corsets, dear.” Goldie condescendingly said. “You should try wearing one sometime. It would probably work wonders for someone with your figure!”


That hurt, especially since Ashley in fact was a boy. He had been forced to start wearing girls’ clothes at the first place they visited on their seemingly never-ending tour of their relatives, both close and distant; a tour which was obligatory for kids their age. A trip done partly in the hope of them finding someone to marry, partly to let them get to know the rest of the family a little bit better. It had started a few months back, and would go on until they both had reached the age of 18 which, thankfully, wasn’t that far off.

After their stay at Uncle Sam’s, they would have covered their closest relatives.

As it was that time of year, he had told them he needed their help in his work as the local Santa; although what kind of help, he hadn’t told them.

Ashley took a closer look at the room. There were restraints at the foot-ends and halfway up the long sides, in addition to a wide belt, also halfway up the bed. He took a look inside his wardrobe, and saw there were more dresses like the one he was wearing, as well as girls’ underwear. However, there were the bags of thick diapers, which stood on the floor.

“Oh, no,” he whined, “am I not even allowed proper underwear anymore? I’m getting real fed up with panties! I know they’re soft and all that, but I actually do prefer boys’ underwear. And I wonder what the diapers are for?”

“Well, then I’m afraid you’ll have a rough time, these next few months!” Sam said. “Those of us that are left on your tour have all agreed, as there is a large male domination in the family, that you will have to wear dresses, and everything that comes with that, and eventually you might even want to become a woman. Even your own parents voted for it!”

“I’m doomed!” Ashley sighed, shaking his head. “But let me make it perfectly clear! I’m going to fight you; every step of the way.”

“We wouldn’t want it any other way!” Sam calmly replied. “I expect you to help me in this! Remember, you’ll have to watch him like a hawk!” he told Goldie.

“Don’t worry, uncle,” Goldie assured him. “I’ve always watched over my brother, and have no intention of stopping now. I’ll help you turn him into a proper girl.”

However, the bags of diapers had given Ashley an idea, and possibly a chance to get some pleasure. In an apparent one-eighty, he suddenly said;

“O.K, I’ll agree to wear girls’ clothes, but only if Goldie agrees to use diapers from now on.”

To her horror, Sam agreed, saying it was only a fair trade-off. “In fact,” he said, “I was just about to tell you, that a similar proposal came up at the meeting. “ Upon hearing that, she realized she had no real option but to say ‘yes’.

“You’ve just made your life much more difficult! I am sure going to see to that!” she warned him.

“I thought it couldn’t get much more difficult? I have no idea how the hell I’m going to explain to my friends why I suddenly have started wearing girls’ clothes.  At least diapers are much easier to explain away,” Ashley said.

“You wearing girls’ clothes will be explained by the fact it isn’t you at all, but a very distant female relative, who just happen to look, and sound, very much like you!” Sam interrupted.”You have simply traded places; indefinitely. But I have purchased a wig for you to wear, until your own hair has grown sufficiently long.

Now, Goldie; I’ll help you get your dress off. What I want you to do then is lie on your back on the bed, so I can put the first diaper on. From now on, three new rules will be introduced into your life:

  1. The bath-room is only to be used when taking your daily baths and cleaning your teeth, and using the toilet, for whatever reason, is a definite no-no.
  2. You will no longer have any say in what you wear, and
  3. I, or your parents will dress, and undress, you. Is that understood?”

Goldie looked down at the floor, mumbling: “Yes, uncle.”


A couple of days later, it was time for the teenagers to do their duty as Santa’s helpers, which turned out to be nothing more exhausting than standing in the back of a sled handing out gifts while Sam sat in the coach box, controlling the team of reindeer. To prevent them from falling out of the sled, Sam had tethered their waists to poles, which were made invisible by their skirts, but meant they had to stand up for the best part of four hours, and furthermore; they had to do their duty without wearing gloves, for some reason.

“AOW; my hands,” Ashley complained on their way back home, “I don’t think I’ll ever get them warm again!”

“That goes for me, too!” Goldie agreed.

The End

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