Probably LESS christmassy than it sounds. Christmas kindness in the form of a hug... and a little bit of schoolwork. Short entry for the 2009 Winter Challenge -

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            I stumbled in the snow and swore furiously, a hand catching my elbow just before I faceplanted in the icy mush that was just an excuse for the whole school to have a snowball fight.

“Lighten up, dear!” Devon Lawrence laughed as he righted me, putting on a posher accent than he had already. His red and white Christmas hat jingled loudly and noticeably as he stepped neatly to the side and dodged the snowball that then proceeded to hit me in the head.

“Why should I?” I managed to grunt, crossing my arms and looking at him defiantly, even though there was snow in my hair and it was melting, trickling down into water on my face, “It’s not like it’s...”

“Christmas or anything?” He stuck his tongue out at me as he finished the phrase and I rolled my eyes. “Come on, Calli, it’s not that bad...”

“Not that bad! I have snow down my shirt right now!” I pulled at it and nearly showed him that there was ice down my top, but remembered that I would essentially be flashing him just in time. “I’ll be soaked all day! My hair’s ruined and...” I scowled and he grinned, gently flicking snow from my hair with a hobo-gloved hand.

“You want a hug?” He laughed lightly and I pouted moodily, then he leaned across without a word and wrapped his arms around me. I sighed and relaxed against him. “See, all better. You just needed a little happiness, some togetherness...” He stopped and grinned, “And maybe a kiss on the cheek to make it better.” A second later, as I went to protest my confusion, he pressed his warm lips to my freezing cheek, and I was rendered giddy and flushed by the simplicity of it all.

                He turned to walk away, but I caught his wrist and turned him to look back at me.

“Thanks.” I nodded at him. “Even if my chest is soaked and my body’s freezing, I feel... better.” He grinned and nodded at me, yelling ‘Merry Christmas!’ as he wandered past, and jingling loudly as he stepped into the warmth of the English Block.

                Maybe I should have a go at the whole... Christmas spirit thing, after all.




“Right, for homework last lesson, I asked you to have a look at the lexis of the two adverts, and tell me something about it.” Miss Eliot looked around the classroom and settled her eyes on Devon, sitting in the seat next to me, looking panicked and slightly confused.

“Did you do it?” I murmured out of the side of my mouth. He shook his head minutely, his Christmas hat jingling merrily and conspicuously alerting the whole class to the fact he hadn’t done the work. I couldn’t help but roll my eyes.

“Devon! You first!” I saw him cringe and shuffle his papers awkwardly, looking at them blankly. I didn’t know what to do. I mean, he should have done the work...

                Christmas Spirit. My brain reminded me that he had been so stupidly kind to me this morning... and if I shifted my hand... he’d be able to see my sheet from where he sat... my writing was legible... and it had the answer he was looking for...

The extended silence was obviously too much for Miss E, because she stood slightly and went to ask him again. The flush on his face told me he was more terrified than ever before, so I elbowed him. Hard. His hat jingled again as he looked at me.

“Synthetic personal relationships.” I hissed, and he repeated the words almost as quickly as they left my mouth. He blushed even pinker and I saw him glance down at my lips, then back up to the teacher. Christmas Spirit for the win! My brain was giggling stupidly as I looked back at Miss Eliot.

“And can you give me a specific example of the lexis they use?” He looked back at me, eyes wide and dancing nervously, and I smiled lightly, prodding my pen at the phrase I had scratched onto the page only seconds before.

“H uses ‘you’. G doesn’t.” He said aloud, and Miss Eliot looked satisfied for all of thirty seconds, before she turned to look at Kellie, asking her the same thing. I looked over at Devon, whose face was slightly less flushed as he looked back at me out of the corner of his eye, the pair of us grinning almost idiotically as we tried to keep our  it nonchalant and simple.

“I actually love you.” He whispered, with another kind of smile gracing his face, then he bowed his head and kept on working.

                I grinned and put my head down on the desk, feeling his hand gently pressing on the back of my seat with his fingers pushing the backrest slightly. When I leaned back against him, he didn’t lean away. He simply pulled me closer with his hand on my shoulder... and dropped the jingling hat onto my head.

I could get used to this Christmas Spirit thing...

The End

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