Jimmy's future

It is the doctors, nurses and other medical staff who will treat Jimmy, but it his family who will be directly influential and responsible for his future. To be more precise it is his aging grandparents who will have to tend to his daily needs, be responsible for feeding him, clothing him, and to organise all his daily activities.

Jimmy is a strapping nineteen year old, but his medication for schizophrenia is causing his weight to balloon out on a weekly basis. he is putting on a kg every fortnight. The doctors have blamed a variety of things for the weight gain: coca cola, takeaway food, food heavy in fats - fried foods. But he is a teenager who doesn't want the conventional diets prescribed by Nanna and granddad.  A plate of fried chips is what he wants - not meat and three veges.

And he spends so much time engrossed in his own little world of voices and conversation with the unseen friends of his mind. It is a catch 22 situation where he doesn't want to go out of the house and socialise with others; yet it is obvious he craves  social interaction but doesn't understand because his mental disorder has denied him the active adolescence where youngsters learn how to interact and socialise with others of their own age group, the opposite sex and those around them. He has only his grandparents who he doesn't wish to converse with much at all.

Jimmy's main need at present is for his medicine to be suitable for his current state of mind - doctors continue to hit and miss, to experiment with combinations of anti-psychotic drugs  to treat his illness, mood-swings and ever present agitation which causes him to become highly elevated and to punch walls and doors as he chases the unseen but ever present voices.

The End

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