Jimmy's schizophrenic experiences...

Jimmy has schizophrenia and hears voices in his head all the time. Sometimes he gets angry and agitated. He needs some more medication to quiet him down.

 These voices in my head tell me I should be doing things that I can't understand. People tell me I have  a mental illness, but I don't really understand that either.  I have different people talking in my head. My grandparents who I live with say its schizophrenia. Hell, I can't even spell that without help from granddad; actually I can't read or write either.

The voice said,"You're a bloody dickhead Jimmy. Don't talk like that to Nanna. She loves you and looks after you."

I don't know what I said to Nanna. I don't remember what I said to her. Granddad told me off for swearing at her. But I don't remember. Carl said I shouldn't punch holes in the wall, either. But I don't remember doing that. Nanna said I punched the wall and left dents in it. Carl is a voice in my head. He said again I'm a dickhead for swearing at Nanna and punching the wall in the hallway at home.

Sometimes I see the dents in the hallway wall and wonder what happened. Carl said, "You did it you dickhead!" Carl is a voice in my head that makes me angry sometimes.  I wish he would go away when he talks like that. He's OK when he tells jokes. We laugh sometimes at the jokes. But then Carl talks about the gangs and the mobsters there. I learned about them when I was a kid.

I know Nanna and granddad get upset when I talk about gangs. I have been with them since I  was a little kid - about eight years old. Eleven years now! I buy bandanas too. the red ones seems to upset them. I actually have all sorts of colors - red, blue, orange, green, black. I like the red one the best. Carl says its a good color.

Then Carl says," Take the red one off before Nanna and granddad get upset with it." 

Somebody will get wild at you and may attack you. Don't wear it when you go out, Jimmy, they often say. I take it off and put it in my pocket now.

The End

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