Jimmy felt like a bit of a plonker sat in the stomach of the Emu.
"I've never seen the insides of a birds stomach either," he sighed and then burst into the sort of absurd laughter you only get at the most inappropriate of times. But as he laughed, the stomach wall started to quiver and shake quite violently, and Jimmy laughed harder and harder, even as terror stole into his soul.
"At.... least...haha..I'll die...with a... smile on my.....face hahaha" he screamed into the pinky blackness.

Gordon the Emu was having a perculiar day of his own. First the man in the ba-la-ca-lava had released him from his cage, then he had outran the silly securi-tees and sprang over the wall to freedom. Then he had met the strange smaller man with what his Emu clan would call the "stare of an idiot" and after some investigation had attemped to swallow this smaller man whole. Something he was now regretting as the smaller man was now making an awful noise in his stomkins which was making him feel quite ill.

Jimmy closed his eyes just in time to protect your eyes from the bile as the stomach he was housed in contracted and shot him back up the Emu's windpipe.

Gordon hacked and spewed and out came the smaller man, covered in steaming yellow stomkin juice. He lifted his left wing to his beak to wipe away the taste and cried in disgust.

Jimmy hit the floor and opened his eyes to see stars and sparks flying in front of his vision. It was these visual sensations that made him think that the Emu talking to him was some sort of hallucination.

"Smaller man, you taste like long tail droppings!" Gordon squawked as he plied wingfulls of sand into his beak. "You hearing me, smaller man, what's your name?"

"Err.. Jimmy," Jimmy replied, thinking that going along with the hallucination was the best course of action for the moment.

The End

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