When the forest moved

It was 10 O'clock when it happened. The whole class felt a rumble. Then a bigger rumble. Then a longer rumble. Then a bigger AND longer rumble. The class started to panic. Everywhere were Pokémon panicking. There were Pichus using quick attacks to get under tables quickly. There were Sandshrews using dig to help get shelter. There were Magikarps splashing around not knowing what to do. Fortunately, Miss Grace as always knew exactly what to do as always. 'Everyone get under your tables!' All the Pokémon nodded their heads in understanding and almost instantly, each one followed their teacher's orders. Miss Grace looked out of the window to see what was causing such chaos. Being an evolved Pokémon, she had much better balance than the younger Pokémon. 'Oh my,' She whispered to herself, 'We're moving.' The whole forest, school and huts around the forest were all floating together across the world at quite a speed. The whole town was empty yet noisy with the sounds of their land rumbling.

Suddenly, the rumbling stopped and everyone looked up from their desks. Then, they scrambled to the windows to see what had happened. Sure enough everything was still there. The forest, the houses, the school playground and most importantly, the ice cream huts. But David and Madison staggered around and didn't feel very well at all. 'Are you two ok?' Asked Miss Grace. Just after she asked this she felt a strong pounding in her head submissing her to the ground. All the younger Pokémon ran to the three Pokémon's feet. They all asked about their safety but were not helping the situation. Each 'Are you ok?' and 'What's wrong?' only made the Pokémon's heads feel even more heavy. Just then, the door to the classroom swung open and a very different looking Pokémon burst in. 'What type Pokémon is that?' Asked many. 'Bug?' 'Flying?' 'Normal?' But before any questions were to be answered, the Pokémon drifted through the cloud and picked up the three Pokémon that felt under the weather. Without another word, it burst out through the window leaving only dust kicked into the air behind it.

The End

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