When Normal types and Dragon types clash

This is a short story about the Pokémon Jiggypuff and about how it was changed from Normal type to Fairy type. I tried to write this story in the style of Pokémon stories as if it was to be told to children. Please note that the Pokémon Jigglyuff and all the other Pokémon mentioned were all made by Pokémon. (Nintendo).

There once was a Jigglypuff called David. David lived with his his parents. Both were Wigglytuffs. They all lived in a small hut that they liked to call 'Home'. The house was separated by a river from a dark and dense forest. The forest was where lots of David's friend's lived. One day, David was on the way to school and he met up with his friends in the Forest on the way to school. 'Hi!' Shouted Madison. Madison was a Marill. She lived on a lily pad in the Camembert Pond in the forest. David and Madison had been best friends since they were very young. Every day, before school, they would meet up and talk about any gossip that had happened. The latest story was about a Delcatty that was performing at the same competition as David who was booed off stage by the audience. David felt extremely sorry for her.

Just as David and Madison were coming near to the end of the trees and were about to reach daylight, a massive shadow leapt out at them. David stood firm and said, 'We're not afraid of you!' The shadow reared back it's head as if charging up for an attack and exclaimed, 'You forgot your lunch, kiddo.' Much to David's relief, it was only David's Dad! He was a lot bigger than David so naturally Madison would've felt a lot more frightened. He handed David a bag and set off back into the forest. 'Have a good day!' He shouted to their backs. 'We will!' They shouted carrying through to the daylight.

'Nice lunch you got there,' Commented a Zweilous. 'Yeah, wouldn't mid some of that,' Added a Fraxure. These two were the school bullies. They were a lot older and a lot scarier than the others. But just as things were going to get hairy, a Gardevoir interrupted the bullies and said, 'Is everything alright here?' The two shrivelled back into the forest out of embarrassment. This was Mrs Grace, the pair's form teacher. She was always so kind and always knew what to do. 'Come on,' She gestured, 'Let's get to class!'

The End

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