To the school?

Once Jia got to school she went straight to the library. In the libraary she got to work sorting out boo. It should of taking her fifteen minutes but she used super sped and managed to do it in four minutes!

The bell went just as she finished putting the duster away so she wen over to her English class. Outside was Billy, the school bully. Jia gulped and then tried to walk right past him but he tripped him up.

"Whach i munchkin'" Billy tesed.

"I'll whach it you crazy dog" Jia replid losing her temper.

"What did you just say to me munchkin'?" Billy growled.

Jia suddenly lost her patience. She looked around, saw no one was there so she floated a metre above the ground and then electrocuted Billy.

'what have I done?' Jia asked herself stunned.

Billy started waking up so Jia started thinking fast.

Do I...

The End

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