Jia's Adventures.

Jia is a 10 year old girl who has recently found she has powers! She has kept her powers a secret from her powercrazed mother, but is unsure with what to do with them . Should she use them for the good of mankind or for evil? (Revenge???) .

It is quiet over the town as the clock struck nine. Jia is meditating on a puffy, white cloud.

The calm, quiet wind is waking up and bringing with it a reluctant red and orange sun. Jia sighed, got up and flew down to a red brick, three storied house. Just as her mother was calling to her to get up.

'At least she doesn't know about the powers I have' Jia thought to herself putting on her bright, blue dress.  She then went down the long, winding hallway to the second floor.  Where she met her tall, slim, slender and not to mention evil mother. They both sat down at the breakfast table.  To have some Cheerio's.

"You going of to school now?" her mother asked.

"Yeh I think I might." replied Jia and then stood up, moved toward the door, picked up her bag and left... 

The End

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