This should probably gone at the start. Before she was born so...


The office door slammed shut, the sound echoing throughout the entire house, followed by the sound of something smashing into a million tiny pieces. Malcolm Edmonds was fuming once again, and had retreated into his office as he usually did. The sounds made his family wince, trying to figure out which expensive piece of antique furniture was being destroyed. Though they would never admit it, a few hundred pounds of furniture being destroyed was much better than him taking his anger out on one of them.

Today, Malcolm’s anger had been brought on by news that had pleased the rest of his family. Olivia was pregnant once again. She was thrilled at the idea, and the elder children who understood what was happening were just as thrilled, you could see their excitement in their eyes. Malcolm however, had said nothing, gradually getting redder and redder in the face up until he was so red they others had started to wonder if he was still breathing.

He just sad there, red faced and stiff as a board, his expression hardening. When Olivia had finally turned to her husband to ask what he thought he threw up his arms and stomped from the room, up the stairs, and into his office, leaving a rather shocked looking Olivia behind.

All he’d asked for, was a son or two. A heir and possibly another just in case. He’d got his heir, and two more sons after that. Three sons, perfect. Then Olivia had fallen pregnant again, a daughter. No doubt now his family was complete. Three sons and a daughter. Perfect he thought. He didn’t want any more children, to him things were just right as they were.

Now Olivia was telling him she was pregnant once again. Just the thing he didn’t want happening. The last thing he needed was a fifth child eating its way into his bank account.  He didn’t want it, but he knew there was no point in saying anything to her. She’d never give up a child, so he’d have to live with it.  Joy.


The End

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