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I peeked out from behind the newspaper I was holding and took a discrete look across the road to the door of the abandoned warehouse, where Faust should exit at any minute, if things went to plan. I wasn’t too pleased about the whole thing to be quite honest. I didn’t like the thought of Damon being in there alone with a potential killer. As good as Damon was, he didn’t have the experience. And he wasn’t much of a fighter at the best of times, should it come to that. But he was the only one suitable for this now that Charlie was in hospital, so he’d been given the job.

The plan was for Damon to go in, scout the place, and find Faust. Then lure him out the back exit where he would have no choice but to turn right and head further into the maze of old buildings and abandoned warehouse. There, Jaymes would grab him, and take him to an empty building a block over and tie him up. He would be joined by Damon and Logan once I’d given the all clear.

I was to stay watch on the exit, to alert the others when he exited. Logan was on the other side of the building in case something went wrong and Damon needed immediate backup. Or if he wasn’t out on time. He had exactly a minute and a half left, then Logan was going in.

It wasn’t that I didn’t think Damon could do it, I just would have felt better if it was someone else in there instead.

I stood slowly and stretched, rolling my shoulders and getting out the kinks. I hated sitting still, especially at times like this.

I walked across to the wood railing on the decking of Bast and Mintser Ice Cream Parlor and leaned over it, watching the door out of the corner of my eye. I checked my watch. Twenty seconds. I pulled out my cell and readied Logans’ number, finger on the green button. Ten seconds.

The door of the warehouse slammed open, the noise turning heads and making birds flee from their perches.

A dark haired figure ran through the doors. I recognised him immediately as Faust, with his dark hair and expensive looking clothing. He turned left and ran through the busy street, weaving around people. He stopped at a black BMW and quickly pulled out the keys, clambering in and driving away.


I deleted Logans number and pressed in Jaymes’s. It rand once before he picked up.

‘Jaymes.’ He answered.

“Faust turned left. Black BMW, too far away to see a licence plate.”

“Shit. I’m heading your way. Call Logan and get him in to grab Damon. Wait where you are and tell Logan to call if something is wrong.” he hung up.

I quickly dialled Logan and replayed him the message.

“Got’cha. See you out there.” He signed off.

I stayed where I was, thinking about how different thing would have been if Charlie was here… but Charlie wasn’t here. Charlie was stuck on some hospital bed somewhere with half a dozen needles in him in a coma whilst recovering from what Faust had done to him. And Faust had just got away…

The End

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