The ride

Jewels, said his husky voice again. I know everything, that you were going to your target tonight and i know how and when your parents died and i knew you were coming all those 9 years ago, 9 years today. Just then the doctor walked in and checked Jewels chart, She'll be leaving with me tonight, said mr. scrolly's husky voice. No we need to operate on her leg first, i'll bring her to the local hospital first thing in the morning said his less husky but more secretive this time. Ok i'll get a form for you and i'll sign it so she'll get imideite treatment and won't be waiting in A&E. Thank you, Doctor. Ok jewels you're coming with me, in my car. The ride was intense he had Jewels lying down in the back seat so she could rest. She wished she was able to see out the window just to make sure that he wasn't bringing her any where he shouldn't. Then a terrifing thought entered her head, the hospital she was in was the closest to the village by 3 hours so there was no way they were going to a closer hospital, so where were they going?

The End

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