Mysterious man

It was set out to be a horrible night of waiting and thinking for Jewels. She had told the doctors and nurses she couldn't remember either of her parents numbers. Jewels was in bed when a doctor came in and said that her father had been told what had happened and he's just outside in the waiting room and would she mind if he came into see her. Jewels was thrilled her master must have heard about the accident some how and had told the doctors that he was her father. Jewels was so relived. But just as she was starting to think how he had got here and what not, a strange man entered the room. It was the mysterious figure from the window in the village he had followed Jewels. Jewels was confused she knew the man because to everyone in the village her master was her new father who adopted her and her group who they all thought were now her siblings. It was Mr. Scrolly one of the nicest men in the village. He owned the newsagents around the corner from the school Jewels attended. Hello Jewels said his husky voice, Jewels trembled. Don't be scared i know what your'e up to, i've known since the day you were born. Jewels stared, in shock. She wasn't from the village she was moved there as the age of three when her parents passed away and nobody in the village knew of Jewels until she arrived all except her master is what she thought but the truth was her master didn't even know of her until she arrived the only person that knew of her was, Mr. Scrolly

The End

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