A white room

When Jewels woke, she was in a weird and unusal room. It had machines and beds. Everyone there knew where they where and they all knew where Jewels was too, a hospital. Jewels worst nightmare had come through. She's alone and dosen't know how to get out of it or even exactly where she was. Jewels looked down at herself, at a glance she could see nothing wrong. But at a closer look she could see stitches in her hand and a support on her leg. Then a doctor came in, asked how she was feeling and all that. Jewels asked what had happened and he explained, and that her leg was broken and would need surgery so they needed her parents number to make sure that it was ok to go ahead. Jewels just said can i have a few minutes to think of the number. She couldn't think of her masters number or any of the people in the group either, what was she to do? she thought if she said her parents were dead they'd put her into a orphanage and Jewels isn't a great mixer with people she doesn't know either. She was stuck unless...........

The End

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