Jewels August: A tale of Misfortune

Jewels is a happy young girl until one day that is.......

It was a dark misty night when Jewels was walking quietly around the village. Everyone lay asleep in bed all except Jewels. She was alone wandering the streets with only one thought in her head her target. Her master choose her the youngest of the group because she was the most secretive and sly. She had until 4.3oam to make it to the city. It was 2am now. Jewels continued walking along unaware she was being watched by a mysterious shadow in a window. She walked out of the village and eventually reached the motorway to the city. She crouched down in the bushes, crawling on hands on knees is how Jewels was aiming to make it to the city. All of a sudden Jewels let a screech out and jumped up but no one heard or saw her. She had been crawling and she had put her hand down on her knife which was unfortuanlty pointing up. She was jumping up and down in pain the knife still stuck in her hand, then she attempted to pull it out. She was succsessful. But it sent her into more pain. Not looking where she was going she jumped out onto the road. A car coming didn't see her. It hit her. The car skidded to a halt. The driver jumped out only to find and injured and unconcious girl lay infront of he car. He was mortified. He called 911. Many thoughts ran through his mind then. What have i done? i could have killed her, Easily! What if i already have? What if the ambulance isn't hear on time. No quicker did he think that thought than an ambulance had just pulled up. They put her on a strecher and into the ambulance they brought her. Everyone then had thought this was like any other person getting hit,But it wasn't. Jewels had no family her master and group were her family and they had no contact with her as she was told not to bring anything distracting on the task with her. So what was going to happen to Jewels? and more importantly her "target"

The End

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