Chapter 1: A Day in the Life

When William Mason witnesses a fire that takes the life of someone close to him, he feels powerless. He immediately makes an oath that he will never be that weak again, thus beginning his journey as the Black Jet. With high-tech equipment and his skill with a blade, William begins a campaign against crime and villainy. But there's a new threat in play: a dangerous terrorist organization is trying to destroy the place he lives in. Will he prevail, or will the foes he faces prove too powerful?

            “Will, get up. Get up; you’ll be late for school!” My adoptive father, James, was yelling at me from downstairs. I sat up just enough to see the alarm clock on my wooden dresser. Seven o’clock. I was going to miss the bus. I’d have to drive myself to school, or ask Jim if he would give me a ride.

            “Coming, Jim,” I groaned as I hauled myself out of bed. I pulled on the first clothes I could find, and then grabbed my mp3 player and cell phone before heading downstairs. When I reached the kitchen, Jim was already finished preparing breakfast - toast and scrambled eggs, with some sausage.

            “Lisa, next door, has been complaining about Roy again,” Jim grumbled. “Stupid dog keeps doing his business on her lawn, apparently. We might have to build a fence, or something.” He tore into his toast as if it had managed to personally offend him munching in his typical cranky way.

            “Well, I think she’s overreacting,” I said. “I’ve only spotted Roy doing that a couple of times, going on her lawn like that. If she keeps complaining, I guess I could always put up a fence.” Having finished eating my toast, I began slicing up my sausage.

            “Well,” Jim said, “she’s spoken to me about it at least six times now. I’ve never been keen on the idea of having my yard all fenced in, but maybe we should put one up, if it’ll fix this problem.”

            “All right,” I said. “I’ll start working on it this weekend.”

            “Okay. Now, get off to school,” he responded as I finished eating. “You can take the truck. I’ll see you tonight.”

            “Thanks for letting me take the car. Bye, I’ll see you later.” With that, I grabbed my backpack and walked out to the old rust-colored pickup that Jim had driven ever since I could remember. I started the truck up, and was soon on my way to school.

            When I arrived, I was greeted by the usual – a couple of “stragglers” were lingering by my usual parking spot, pretending to talk about homework while the girls actually waited to see me. Easing the creaking old door of the truck closed, I turned my attention to the girls, grinning as I bid them hello.

            “How are you doing, ladies?” I asked as I made my way into the building. Staying close to me, they both answered that they were doing great and one of them – I think her name was Liz – asked me if I’d understood the homework for math class.

            “I think I got it,” I said, “But I wouldn’t be surprised if I got no higher than an eighty on it. There were a few that I had a hard time with.”

            “I’ll bet you did a whole lot better than you think,” the same girl said. She was obviously trying to appeal to me by complimenting my intelligence. Everyone knew that math was one of my worst subjects.

            I smiled as we entered the school and went our separate ways. “Thanks. I might pass trig yet. I’ll see you later. Good luck on the English test, by the way.”

            “That’s today?” The girl’s face was suddenly distraught. “Oh, no! I didn’t study!” I didn’t catch the rest of what she said; she was carried away by a crowd of other students.

            I walked into English class a couple of hours later, and took my place next to Nate, my best friend. He did a lot better than me in school, but he was still a pretty cool guy. As I sat down, he glanced at me through his glasses, then turned back to the front of the room. “You ready for the test?” He asked.

            “As ready as I’ll ever be,” I answered. Fortunately, English was one of my best classes, so I would probably do okay.

The End

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