A story sort of fallowing the lines of The Ousiders.

Jet walked quickly down the streets. It was night and he had just left the drug store. Alphas were always out this late and he really didn’t want to meet one. Especially now. A dark gray stingray pulled over next to Jet, keeping the pace with his steps. He noticed and ran his fingers through his black hair. He had never met an alpha before and definitely didn’t want to. Not now.

“Hey!” The driver looked into the darkness of the car, “check this out! it’s a pup!” His four friends snickered. The driver turned back to Jet. “what’s a little pup like you doing out this late?” He asked halfhearted and stopped the car, getting out fallowed by his friends.

“leave me alone.” Jet tried to sound brave like his older brother but that didn’t work. Alphas were rich, snotty and got everything they wanted. They always partied and were always looking for a fight. Pups were almost the opposite. Poor, mostly orphaned and always had a group to stick with. Alphas usually worked alone but some had groups that they stuck around with.

“naw, we were just looking for a pup to converse with.” the biggest one said sarcastically and put a hand on Jet’s shoulder, whirling him around. Anger in his eyes, the biggest one said more sharply, “ hey, when an alpha is talking to you, you listen.”

Jet was afraid of him but didn’t show. He wanted to punch the guy so hard he fell to the ground but instead he didn’t say anything and that made the alpha mad. He pulled out a switchblade and went very close to Jet’s face, eye to eye the alpha said very calmly, “I could easily kill you, pup.” He emphasized the last word, holding up the blade to Jet’s neck. The alpha’s breath smelled of whisky and mint. In a flash, Jet was being pinned down on the hard ground by the other four alphas. Jet screamed for his brother, Dispull, anyone, the group. One of the Alphas put him arm over Jet’s neck, choking him while the others punched at his sides and punched him in the face and in the gut. Jet could taste blood in his mouth.

The alpha that was choking jet was pulled off by the collar of his shirt. Jet gulped in air and punched the Alpha in the face with his free hand. Two more Alphas were pulled off. The alpha with the blade was pulled off, too. Jet was picked up by his brother, Dispull and he couldn’t hear the alphas’ snickering anymore.

“you ok, Kid?” Dispulls deep voice echoed in jet’s ears.

“suckers!!” Jet could hear his older sister hollering down the street, “run like cowards! You’re outnumbered!!” Millie’s sweet laughter filled cool autumn air.

“are they gone?” Jet mumbled dazed.

The End

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