Jesus or Satan?


Greetings! This story is  about the Rapture. The rapture is great for believers and horrible for non-believers. Here is the story.

    The rapture is when Jesus comes back on earth to bring the believers in him to Heaven. The people that do not believe in Jesus, will stay on earth. When the believers go in Heaven, their clothes will just lay there. People will go into Heaven with a new body. While the believers are in Heaven, people who didn't believe will be on earth with the Antichrist. The Antichrist will be good for a few years and make things easy, but after the couple years, he will ruin the earth. He will make you have a stamp on your forehead. The stamp will say 666 on it.  Antichrist will not allow you to buy food unless you have the stamp.  He will burn you to death and you'll be thrown. Just leave it as horrible. Rivers will turn into blood and frogs will be gross. With claws. The insects and snakes will be everywhere. Think that your whole family died. If your on earth when Jesus comes, the Antichrist will be a zillion worst.

      If you don't believe me, go to the bible and look at the last chapter and read Revelation. If you would like to be saved and go to Heaven, please pray this.

Dear Jesus,

                 I know I have sinned. Please wash all my sins away. I know you died on the cross for me. Jesus I wanna be with you. I made mistakes and I know but I wanna believe.


Thank you for reading and no one knows when Jesus is coming. Only his father, God knows. Please pray. You don't have to just go to church. Just believe and be like him. Love everyone. Even you enemies. Follow his commandments. Stay and check my profile because I will be writing more! Thank you. Oh, and don't forget to spread what I told you. Jesus made all of us for different purposes, but one is for everyone to spread the gospel.


The End

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