Jessica Taylor

The girl was bored. Horribly bored. Nothing was going right today, anyways; why should she be having fun?

Her arm throbbed and reminded her of her accident earlier. She tried to push it out of her mind and, nearly succeeding, groaned when another throb brought the memory back, again. She just hoped that no one had seen it. It hadn't been one of her more coordinated moments. Adding the fact that she was moving to a town that she really hated and fervently wished she'd never have to go back to wasn't putting this day in her top ten.

She looked across the little aisle in the train and noticed her aunt giving her worried looks. Her aunt tried to act nonchalant about it but the girl knew she was frantic with worry. "Something to drink, miss?"

The girl looked up and noticed that guy, again. He'd been visiting her every ten minutes asking if she wanted anything to drink. She thought he was trying to work up the nerve to actually talk to her but, as of yet, that nerve seemed to be eluding him. He was cute. Not in a 'OMG! Look at that guy!' kind of way but more of a 'Hey. He's not too bad.' On a normal day, she might've been nice. Ordered a drink. Talked a little.

Too bad today was really sucking.

"Yes, I'd like a cup of blood. AB+ if you have it." The guy looked slightly confused as he walked to the back. She smiled and leaned back in her seat. She knew it was probably just a little mean to do something like that to a complete stranger. Oh well. If she was going to rot in hell anyway she might as well make sure her suite was updated with a jacuzzi and that the devil remembered her name.

"Now, Jessica," Jess cringed when her aunt started talking. She hated her name. Jessica. It sounded so old and girly and- ugh. She'd much rather be called Jess but her aunt would insist on being all proper and using full names. Thankfully, she'd been able to stop it at school. Mainly by beating up the kids who called her Jessica but she'd do anything sometimes. "Was that really necessary?"

"Yes." Jess' aunt pursed her lips and turned around in her seat so that she was facing away from Jess. Jess smiled and decided to enjoy the temporary silence by reading. Or, to put it in better terms, staring at a book she couldn't read. She'd been dying to read the book she'd found in the library back home. Of course, now that she was moving, the library would probably never see it again but Jess had a good feeling they wouldn't miss it.

The book was old and the covers were about to fall off. It was old and the cover was a delightful black. The content of the book was written by hand and, as of right then, was entirely illegible. Not because of the handwriting but because it was in another language. Jess didn't know what language it was and, even if she did, would have no clue what it said anyway. A couple of years of Spanish and she still wasn't sure how to say hello. Jess still wasn't sure why she got the book. She just wanted it.

Besides, she knew someone who could read it. Someone who was, coincidentally, currently living in the town her and her aunt were heading to.

The End

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