Who Is She?

A horror from Jessica.EMO.fan. About a girl who wakes up and knows nothing. Her memory is gone she doesn't even know who she is. People she meets feel sorry for her and want her to have her memory back. But why did her memory go in the first place? Maybe she knew something that could change the would...

For the worst...

She woke up. New nothing. Didn't even know her own name. She looked at get surroundings. Nothing looked familer. She saw a figure getting closer and closer. Ready to get her she thought. She tried to get away but something was twisted around her leg.

Gush. It cut her she screamed in pain. The figure was getting closer and closer. She needed to go quick. She could her the footsteps now getting closer and closer. The world spun around her and she saw the blood pouring from her wound and with a last look at the figure she past out.


She woke up. She was in a bed her wound covered in bandages. She looked around her and saw a computer next to her. It read on the computer: The persons name is Jane-Louise.

"So my name is Jane then" she said to herself. Jane looked around once more and seeing no one was around she lept out of the bed and ran down the corridors looking for a way out. Jane finally found a exit and as she ran out of it she looked back. The sign on the building she ran out of read 'Hospital'. "So I was in a hospital" Jane thought to herself.

Someone saw her and ran out of the hospital calling for her. Worried and scared she ran out of view of the women. Wet droplets were now falling on her. Its raining. She ran to take shelter as the rain got heavy. Jane yawned and settled down in her shelter she found and fell asleep.


Jane woke up. She had found shelter in a house. No noise was made and so Jane thought no one was there. She started to look around. The wallpaper on the wall was peeling off and it was turning more grey than white. Jane walked into the kitchen. There were plates and cups smashed on the floor and the kitchen cupboards were left open. The place looked as though it hadn't been lived in for years. She walked up stairs and in the first room she found a double bed and a wardrobe. The bed and the curtains were riped to pieces and what looked like blood stains on them. Jane opened the wardrobe and as she did shut it straight away. In said was a dead body stuffed in the wardrobe with its mouth hanging open. Jane hurridly ran to the next room. This room looked nice and clean and normal. There was a desk over the far end of the room and there was also a spinny chair facing the window so she could only see the back of the chair. Suddenly the door slamed shut behind her and the spinny chair spun around to reveal a man sitting in it. He was smiling.

"Welcome back..."

The End

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