Chapter 1 (part 3)Mature

"Did you see that?" Ash asked, unable to believe what he had just seen.
"Yeah," replied the woman stood next to him. She made a noise which was across between a snort and a bark of laughter. "She needs to remember to pull her dress down after being walled."
"No, not that. She winked." He turned his head in her direction, to see if she was as surprised as he was, but her face remained blank, not revealing any emotion. Her back rested against the nightclub's brick wall as she inspected her nails. They must have been much more interesting than making conversation with Ash.

"Not very talkative, are you?" When their eyes met, he forced himself to smile kindly at her. She shrugged.
"I'm a girl of few words." She pushed her long hair off her bare shoulders so that she could hitch her handbag further up her arm. Though her hair was almost as black as night itself it still glistened under the street light. If only she didn't keep freezing him out, he might have had the chance to run his fingers through it, to feel if it was as soft as it looked.

The woman seemed to notice Ash staring, so she coughed loudly. He grinned at her, caught in the act, but also silently letting her know that he didn't particularly care. The corners of her mouth twitched. He wasn't sure if it was amusement or irritation. This woman was extremely hard to read.

Suddenly she straightened and started to walk off.

"Wait," he called after her. "Where are you going?"
"Back to my place." He caught up with her and saw her flash yet another look that he could not understand. "You're not invited."
"No, I, er," he stumbled over his words in a way he had not done in years. There was something about this woman that had unravelled all the work he had put in to seducing females. It was if the rules of the opposite gender did not apply to her.

"No, that's not what I meant," he said when he had finally managed to get the words out. "I was just asking how you were getting there?"
"Walk." She spoke the word simply and without tone, yet Ash still felt as though he was being made an idiot of.


The End

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