Jennifer's Life

Chapter 1

This is the story of a girl named Jennifer and a girl that changed her life. Jennifer was a normal senior student at East Chester High. Now Jennifer had only been at this school for about a half a year. She had no friends. This how her day would go she would get up for school and then go to school. She would come home do her homework then, ride on her skateboard and the she would go straight to bed. Next day at school a girl named Melissa came up to her and said "Hey, do you want to hang out after school." Of course Jennifer said "Sure!" Even though inside she was screaming with excitment.

Chapter 2

After school Melissa and Jennifer were at the mall doing some shopping. As it turns out they were alot alike. They bolth liked skatboards and math. They bolth wanted to be a profenissal skater. After the mall they want to the skatboard park and a guy named Jason came up and said "Hey, you girls are good. Do you one of you want to be on T.V. with me and do some skatboard tricks?"  They bolth said at the exact same time "I will!" Then they looked at eachother with these mad faces. Jennifer asked "So, your asking one of us to live our dream?" That is when it started. They stopped hanging around eachother.


Chapter 3

After about a week they realized they needed eachother. Before you knew it they were friends again and this time thay let nothing get into their way of being friends. Jason said "So, who will it be?" Melissa said "Neither. Because you can not tear us apart!" This should be a good lesson that friends are important you will need them sometime in your life. Trust me.



The End

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