Paul Lowes

She walked away from me.

Paul Lowes.

No girl had ever done that before. This Lorena was going to be a complication in my spotless reputation. The idea alone of my hand on her shoulder should have sent her heart pounding and her feet should have rocked beneath her.

Not force her to walk away.

"Did you see Lilly Waters? She grew over the summer, in all the right places." Grant Peters, my best friend, is muttering to me as we walk past the subject of his one sided conversation. "You listening man?"

"Yeah, I am," I say as I sit in the cafeteria of Lions High School (LHS). "Hey, listen, you know that girl Lorena?"


I shake my head and sigh, has no one else seen the potential that this girl has? "That quiet senior, the one with long black hair."

"Oh, the girl who cares about nothing but her own life?"

"What?" I look at Grant and urge him on with my eyes.

"Well, my sister is in her grade and she's never talked to her. Yeah, I agree she's hot, but she is a social suicide mission." Grant seems convinced and I bite my thumb nail, a dirty habit of mine.

She seems like a mystery, true, but she had appeared more frightened and surprised than challenging. She had seem genuinely amazed that someone had talked to her. Sure, it hadn't been the kind of amazement I would have wanted, but it was amazement nonetheless.

Grant continues to talk about how the girls have changed and I become lost in my thoughts of Lorena; how can someone so beautiful be so afraid of the life that others her age are living? Why was she so unaffected my attention and why can't I get her out of my mind?

The End

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