Charlie Lowes



Paul quickly averts me with the ball as I run after him and I collapse onto the lime-green grass. Though I hate the thought of summer leaving so soon, I will not miss the heat. We still have a week before school starts again and Paul and I have spent the entire summer being anywhere but inside.

Soon he joins me on the grass, ball between us, and his panting breath is a sign that he has over-enjoyed himself again.

"Where's your puffer?" I ask him as I look over the ball at his tired form. His black hair is spiky from the sweat and his green eyes are distracted with the rustling of the leaves as a cool breeze helps us cool down.

"Relax, it's in my pocket." He says quietly before pulling it out and taking a puff. His facial structure is from our dad, except for his nose; that's our grandfather's. Taut and sharp are the facial signatures of my father's allure, and his blue-black hair is my mother's. 

I have been told several, if not many, times by my family that I have the softer looks of my mother. The dimples don't help with my desire to appear rugged, but they do help when I am trying to gain the acceptance of any woman in particular.

I look over at him again and he smirks, puffer now back in his pocket. "That girl is so hot."

"Which one?" I ask, genuinely curious. Paul thinks a lot of women are "hot", hence his reputation at school. He has been with most of the good looking ones in his grade and even several in my year, despite the two year age difference.

"The random that just passed me the ball."

"Really? I've never really talked to her before." I answer, trying to remember her name.

"Of course you haven't, you all practically shun her." Paul explains, "I don't know why though, I'd definitely go for her."

"She lost her mother when she was born." I answer, not truly answering his question.

"So? The girl doesn't have a mother, why does that matter? Must have been a good looking mother, is all I have to say." Paul smiles again, "What's her name? I've seen her around at school, but she always walks so fast and never says anything."

I shrug and sit up, putting my arms around my bare legs, "I don't know, I didn't even recognize her until you asked."

"I'm disappointed; for a guy who's so good with women, I'm surprised you've never tried anything on her before."

I close my eyes and rest my sweating forehead against my knees. "I never thought about it; she isn't my type."

"I remember!" Paul suddenly declares, hitting me hard on my back. "Her name's Lorena!"

The End

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