Not Every Heart Is Meant To Be



I would be lying if I said that I have never loved. Perhaps not like my parents had before I had come into this existence, but I have had my past emotional situations.

The air is warm with the winds that will slowly take the summer away from the city and the trees quiver with the promise of change. My footsteps sound hollow in the abandoned suburban street and my hands dig deeper into the heat of the pockets in my short-sleeved zip-up. My black hair lies sticky and irritating against my back and my eyes are drawn down. A car passes me and the music of reckless teenagers temporarily fills the noiseless streets that my solitude enjoys so much.

Suddenly a ball bounces into my eyesight and I hear a voice calling to me from my right, I blush and look up at the face of Charlie Lowes. His sandy blond hair appears sizzling in the summer heat and his height is towering as he stands beside his younger brother, Paul. His smile almost glows, even in the day light, and the dimples on his face accentuate his cheekbone structure.

"Pass the ball?" He asks as though I were a stranger, an earnest smile on his face.

Truth is, I have known Charlie since I was in the third grade, or rather I have heard things of him and I have seen him, but I have never spoken to him. So the conclusion of the matter would be that he has the right to think of me as a stranger.

I nod simply for fear of speaking in a language that no one, but myself, would understand. I don't know how I reached his house, my feet must have led the way. He had moved to these suburbs of Toronto back in grade three and he had been every girl's dream: athletic, good looking, and genuinely sweet, but then to him, I wasn't like all the other girls. To him I am just a stranger.

I kick the ball to his little brother and Paul smiles at me. Paul is two years younger and is well known for his looks at our high school, but I have never looked at him the way I look at Charlie.

"Thanks," Charlie says and runs back towards his all ready running brother.

I smile and let my facial muscles relax as I realize that he hasn't seen me smile at all.

The End

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