Lorena Torrez


My father used to say that my mother had been the most beautiful woman he had ever met. She had brought him an unmistakable passion and allure that he had never felt before. Though as inappropriate as it had felt to hear him go on in such a manner, I had to applaud his love for his lost woman.

I am Lorena; heir to the long black hair of a Jenna who sits on my desk as a portrait. A faint scar is the evidence of her tragedies and I am the evidence of her hope. My father invited my life to the brown eyes that have been driven by destiny throughout the Torrez family and my bone structure is a ruthless imitation of my mother's.

A diary with few, but decided, lines sits in front of me and I stare longingly at the portrait of a woman who I never set knowing eyes on. Her smile is a false happiness that not even my father can see; this mother of mine carried many secrets. Did my father know them all?

I am seventeen; next year I graduate from the high school that has been the holder of my slightly bored attention for the last three years of my life. No one there knows the truth of my life, all they know is that I am motherless. To them, I am hopelessly unloved; to my father, this may be a different story.

It has been seventeen years since I took my first breath and this Jenna took her last. In ten minutes I will mark the years as they pass and my father will shout up the staircase signaling the passing years; those years that pull me farther away from the birth that changed, perhaps, all the premises of my life.

Seventeen years is a long time, but never long enough for those whose hearts are forever shattered by the sadness of reality; not everyone must live, but not everyone must die.

Like I told you before, my name is Lorena, I am the daughter of Michael Torrez; acclaimed lawyer, trying father, and often, forgetful drunk. I embody the woman who captured his wildest desires, but in the most toxic form.

The End

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