She is beautiful.

No words can ever explain, can ever truly show how beautiful she is. Her black hair lays matted to her face and her eyes are curious. They are dark and continuously open and close in the morning sunshine that is slowly engulfing the flower filled room.

My mother lies asleep on the couch and Pamela has gone to make some coffee. Jesse and Carol, his wife, and three children will be visiting soon. For now it is just her and I, in our tiny embrace.

She tries to say something, finding her voice in this lifetime. I see in her everything that I wish I could ever be, that I wish will never happen to her. Whenever she needs my help, I will be her knight in shining armor.

Her hands search for mine and I grab one in my overly-sized hands. She is the fragileness that my heart has been seeking for all these years. I guarantee, no man is happier in moments like these.

I kiss her forehead as I hear someone coming into the room behind me cutting my time with her short. "Let's see who’s here Lorena." I murmur at her little face.

Jenna appears behind me smiling, all ready in the same dress I had given her last year for her birthday. "Hi," she smiles and I hand Lorena to her waiting hands, "was daddy talking to you? Oh, what was he saying?"

I watch Jenna as she sits in the rocking chair that I had built for her shortly before going to the hospital only days before. Mother and daughter were so alike.

I think of the first day I kissed Jenna in high school and I think of her now, holding our little girl.

Love is something that can't ever be explained. It is timeless, yet it has the ability to stop time and make nothing else matter. It is a forever that wishes to latch onto a sense of reality, it is a mother and daughter sitting in a rocking chair, both offering a new life.

The day that Jenna Louise walked into my life changed everything.

The End

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