Chapter 21





"Do you remember," Sammy starts after a long silence that is occasionally interrupted by the cold winds of winter, a ghost of a smile on her dimpled face. "When we were six and you and I would run around holding hands and swearing that we would get married?"

I watch her cautiously and nod, not uttering a word.

"Do you remember Mike?" She urges, looking into my eyes, her dimples disappearing as she returns to the present time that involves two completely different children. "You would smile and everyone would try to ignore the two missing teeth at the front of your mouth?"

"Samantha," I start to say, but stop midsentence when she shakes her head.

"Don't talk right now, just listen to me." She orders, tears all ready audible in her voice. "What happened to us? Where did the nights that we would sneak out to our secret worlds of love go? What happened to the unending attention you once gave me?"

She walks closer to me and puts her cold hand on my flushed cheeks. "Do you not love me anymore Michael Torrez?"

Instead of answering her, I notice that she has always been the only one who could pronounce my name correctly. I think of the times when she was always supportive of what I did. When I had been fourteen I had pulled a muscle in my ankle and had been unable to play soccer for months. The injury had been more severe than we all had thought and there had been a strict warning from my doctor that soccer was an impossible dream if my muscle did not heal properly. Sammy had been the only one that had seen me cry, the one that had listened to my whimpers of, "Dios mio porque?" and my curses as I slowly regained my strength and was able to play soccer once more.

She had been there for everything in the past that I had ever needed her support with.

As cruel as I may appear, I can’t explain why my heart chose a girl that has yet to provide me with memories such as these. The way my fingers ache to touch Jenna, I know, will never happen with Sammy.

The silence between us is telling and Sammy looks up at me, with the same green eyes that I had noticed for the first time when I was thirteen, shortly before I had asked her out.

We have a long past you and I.

That much is undeniable, but I know that I have a long future with the broken girl that awaits me in the school.

Sammy peers up at me and moves her hand behind my neck and gently pushes my lips towards hers. I feel her trembling fingers as she pushes her hopes and love to her utmost limits. When our lips are so close that almost no space is left between us I grab her hand from behind my neck and softly place it down to her side.

"I'm sorry," I say and turn to leave.

"When did you fall in love with her?" She asks, a false sense of casualness in her watered down tone.

I don't turn around and speak just loud enough for only her to hear over the wind. "I think my heart has always been made to host her. I think loving Jenna has always been something in my life that was inevitable."

The End

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