To Love

Chapter 13





The day that Jenna walked into my life was the day that I had told Sammy, my girlfriend, that I loved her.

I think about this coincidence while staring down at the crying Jenna and feel a tug at my heart. My hand never feels the electricity that I feel with Jenna when touching Sammy's skin. Her eyes never mute me like Jenna.

My heart doesn't beat the same.

To me, life had always been simple; you live, you play, you love, you learn--but who am I to say anything? I am merely seventeen and I have many decades left in me, but when I first saw Jenna that all changed.

I did not have decades; I had an unknown time left. How could I presume that I would be around for so long beside someone that could be gone within seconds?

Years, months, days, hours, minutes, seconds-- these amounted to nothing of the time that it would take to lose someone that you are suddenly becoming enamored with.


What is to love?


Sammy hadn't taught me, my parents found each other so they had nothing else to teach-- I was alone in this abyss of confusion always asking what it is to truly love. But then, Jenna looks up at me, with those beautiful tearful eyes and I know.

I am only seventeen and yet I know, that time is not limitless; time does not always heal, but scabs over the wounds that love cause.

Time and love are symmetrical—you try to live through time while trying to live through the pain of love.

I wipe a tear from her red cheek and slightly touch upon her scar; she flinches but does not look away.

The past haunts us, forever promising to un-scab and threatens us to an infection that may end it all. It takes away our childhood innocence and it becomes a lifetime of worry.

I hold my hand on her cheek, frozen in the moment and my brain and my heart are one for once in my seventeen years of life.

I bend down and kiss her warm lips, trying to quench my thirst for her.


I love Jenna Louise.

The End

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