Tommy Fray


Chapter 12





A million questions run through my mind as I watch Jenna freeze in front of the stranger that has shoved his way through the students. How does he know her name? How are they connected? Why is she so tongue tied and unable to utter a sound? Why is my heart beating at the speed of a Nascar racer during the last lap of their final race? He is a built guy with a caring face. His green eyes and blond hair spell good, athletic boy, but something in his stance makes the situation uncomfortable. They exchange a glance and I notice Jenna's face contort into a disgusted smirk.

"Why are you here?" she asks, unaware of the crowd that has gathered. Everyone wants to know who this handsome stranger is talking to the new girl.

"Can we... talk in private?" He says calmly.

"This is as private as it's going to get." Jenna says and waits impatiently.

"Jenna please," he takes a step forward and she reciprocates the action by taking a step back.




I forget the Mike guy behind me and focus on the situation at hand. Tommy Fray stands in front of me wearing the same polo shirt that I had bought him for his birthday. To think that he has the nerve to show up here makes me sick and my stomach protests as I step away from him. His green eyes deceive with a false kindness that only the devil can promise and his blond hair reflects the light of the hallway and I remember going with him to the hairdressers monthly. Everything about him is false.

"We need to talk. Please, you know that we can't leave things the way they were when you left." He said decisively.

"You know perfectly well that I left because things turned out perfectly." I stare at his baby face and ignore the nagging of my heart as I mutter, "Plus, you should be happy. You finally got rid of me and you have a football scholarship—you got two birds with one stone."

I turn and leave, knowing that he will follow, but for now I must try to not let my emotions overtake me as I remember the afternoon that it all fell apart. It had been less than a month since my father had passed when I found out Tommy's true nature--or at least heard him explaining his true feelings to—

"Jenna!" I turn around and see the Mike guy running after me. I look around and suddenly realize that I must have walked farther than I thought while deep in my thoughts. "Who was that guy?"

I don't answer and I continue walking.

"Come on," he grabs my arm and turns me around to face him. His face is a painting of worry and his breath comes out in puffs of white in the cold afternoon air. "Please, I'm sorry about what happened, let's put that behind us. You can trust me, please don't deal with this on your own."

I pull my arm away and feel tears running down my frozen cheeks, "You want to know? You really want to know what a screw up I am? That guy out there was my ex-boyfriend and he broke my heart into more pieces than you can ever imagine. Because of him my dad's death is only one of the heartbreaks that I've been through. Whenever I see or think about him I lose all sense of reality." I catch my breath and stare at Mike's questioning glance. "You want to help me? No one can help me!"




I watch heartbroken as Jenna confesses all of her heart's miseries to me and I find my own heart beating unnaturally as she crumples to the cold sidewalk. Crystal tears fall from her eyes and as I wipe at them I find myself wishing I could be one of her beautiful tears. The perfect drops caress her face and are purely from her soul. I hug her for an indescribable amount of time as she weeps bleeding tears from her broken heart.

The End

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