The Other Side

Chapter 11





I've dealt with situations before including certain people that I could not bear to see again. My father's funeral had occurred less than two weeks before my world truly began to collapse on itself. My friendships were a farce and my relationship with Tommy was more flawed than I had ever imagined. You could say that my eyes were seemingly widened and the world around me gained color.

But that is a story for another time.

I uncurl myself from my bed and stare out the window at the Mike guy's house. It is darkened signaling that no one is home. I hadn't expected to have reacted in such a harsh way towards him, but I also had not expected my own mother to divulge my personal information to a guy that I barely knew. The Mike guy had been starting to weave himself into my life and the events of today reminded me of the dangers that came with the attachment of others. I rub my arms as a chill blows in from the darkened autumn sky.


The next few days passed without any problems. The Mike guy was keeping his distance and so was the rest of the school; the new girl fun was all ready done and over with. I unlock my locker and grab my backpack and coat and prepare myself for the new Toronto weather that I am not yet accustomed to. I hear Mike's voice spouting out information on last week's game and I casually glance over at him. He is wearing jeans and a polo shirt with a sweater underneath today and his cheerleader girlfriend is dangling from his arm. His friend, whose name I swear I will never remember, is occasionally offering his opinion. Mike and I lock eyes for a millisecond and my heart is left pounding.

I close my locker and start walking past them as I hear his girlfriend say that she has practice. With a kiss she runs off down the hall and I again am left wondering why a guy like Mike would be dating such a bimbo.

"Jenna," I hear the Mike guy finally say after a week of silence. "Wait!"

I freeze in my steps and start to turn when—


My heart stops. My mind goes completely blank. My eyes, by reflex, start to tear. A gasp escapes my throat and I take in Mike's confused expression and the hallway becomes quiet. I turn against my will and stare at him. Standing there, in the center of about thirty students who are just as curious as Mike, and looking as innocent as ever, is Tommy Fray, the other side of my life I wish I could forget.

The End

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