The Rules of a New Life



Chapter 6





The first week at the new school taught me the many new rules that I would have to deal with.


1. I could sit anywhere I wanted for lunch, but then again the first place that I would sit at would become my permanent spot for the rest of the year. (So I just eat in front of my locker)

2. The boys were very well aware of who I was and especially how I looked. (A simple act of walking away from them usually helped me deal with this one)

And finally: 3. No secrets were to be had in this school, mainly my past.


Everyone, when they had the chance, asked me about my old life. What had happened, why I had moved–why I was so quiet. Their curiosity annoys me and despite the fact that I have been approached by several different cliques I always turned a blind eye. I was in no need of friends.

Now the calculus class that I have is slowly moving along and I start to draw doodles in my notebook. I remember drawing little cartoons alongside my books last year in class and my best friend Lisa drawing speech bubbles for them. I also remember Tommy turning in his seat and drawing me random little hearts saying I love you.

I quickly scratch out the doodles and force myself to concentrate on the teacher’s mellow voice. I feel something shuffle beside my arm and I notice the folded up note that has seemingly like magic appeared on my desk. I look up in time to notice the Mike guy, who sits beside me (somehow) swiftly pose himself erectly and paying attention to the teacher with faux interest.

I silently open the note and read the single word, written in big, bold letters:




I stare down at the note and decide that this school isn’t the only place that needs sets of rules. I open my notebook to a new page, leaving Mike’s note ignored on the corner of my table, and start writing out my set of rules.


The Rules of My New Life


Rule 1. Finish this year, with no interruptions


Rule 2. Stay out of Pamela’s cheerful way


Rule 3. Remember what dad used to say: You can survive on your own Pumpkin


And: Rule 4. I will keep my heart to myself


I rip the paper out of the notebook and stuff it into my jean’s pocket. I take Mike’s note and scrunch it in my hand and ignore his look of disbelief. Avoiding all contact with him I stare up at the teacher again and proceed to pay no attention to those around me.

I have set my rules and I am very keen on following them.

The End

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