Chapter 5





I walk down the hallways and feel their eyes on me. I hate it; I hate their stares of curiosity and I somehow imagine them glancing at my scar. I dislike this school already.

The girl that is helping me adjust to the school walks me to my new locker and smiles up at me since she is shorter than me. “Here’s your locker Jenna!” Her voice sounds chipper and I pretend that it doesn’t affect me in the least.

“Thanks.” I respond shortly. She gives me my new class schedule and directs me with her finger in the direction of my new class. I unlock my lock and stare into the empty locker in front of me. I feel a tap on my shoulder and I jump as I break out of my stupor.

“Hey,” I turn around and stare at the Mike guy. “Mike, remember?”

I nod and quickly take in his appearance. Polo, jeans, baseball cap; great, he’s a jock.

“Hi Jenna,” I turn my head and acknowledge the guy beside Mike, who’s name I can’t for the life of me remember, nor do I really care.

I quickly take in his appearance as well as Mike’s and I come to the conclusion that these two most likely lived in the popular crowd. I turn around and proceed to empty my backpack into the locker as Mike tries to fill me in on the school social events. I shut him out and make a mental note to next time avoid him.

I hear a girl’s voice in the background and Mike stops talking. Knowing that I am free from his annoying blabber, I quickly close my locker and walk in the general direction of my first class, leaving the three students behind me. I don’t want to make any friends; I don’t need any attachments.




I watch her walk away through Sammy’s arms as she hugs me. Jenna’s lonely back vanishes in the crowd of students and I feel a tug at my heart. Sammy lets me go and I see that Jesse too is staring after the lonely beautiful girl.

“Who was that?” Sammy asks, while looking from Jesse to me.

“That,” Jesse says, after finally turning back to us, “Was Jenna Louise, the new girl.”

“Yeah,” I say quietly, mostly to myself. “The new girl.”

Sammy, not hearing my comment, says, “She’s beautiful.”

I hear my girlfriend’s comment and silently agree, knowing that something inside of me is changing. My eyes stay on the spot that Jenna had last been visible at and prepare myself for this year.

The year where a beautiful, mysterious, heartbreakingly lonely girl walked into my life.

The End

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