Jenkins meets the Boy

Jenkins rolled down the window. The boy stopped and stared at the car.

"Hello," Jenkins said, smiling as politely as he knew how.

"G'd aftahnoon, sar," the boy answered. Jenkins resisted an urge to clean his ears as he tried to decifer what the boy had said.

"Well. Then. Hot day, isn't it?"

"It shur be, sar."

"Would you like a ride?"

"Are you one ah them perverts mah momma tol' me 'bout?" The boy squinted in the sunlight, staring at Jenkins.

"Of course not! It's just quite hot, and you look tired."

Jenkins cast about the car for any sort of enticement he might have lying around. All he had was an apple in the backseat.

"Ah dunno..."

"I've got an apple. It's juicy, and it looks like you're thirsty."

The boy eyed the fruit suspiciously.

"Did yah put anythang in it?"

"Nope. Perfectly fresh."

The boy grabbed the door handle and slid inside the car, staring expectantly at Jenkins, who passed him the apple and pulled off the shoulder, driving down the highway again.

"Where yah goin', sar?"

"I've got a business meeting to attend."

"In 'ell?"

Jenkins turned towards the boy, who was munching the apple contentedly.

"How did you know you're in hell?"

"Jus' figured. All hot and stuff."

Jenkins turned back to the road. His boss clearly had a reason for picking this one up.

"What's your name?"



"Thas it."

"When I was growing up, children had proper names like Charles and James. Surely you're called something else. Edward? Joshua?"

"Nah. Jus' Boy."

What a peculair child. Jenkins began to fiddle with his cravat again.

"Whus your job, sar?"

"I'm..." Jenkins paused, reformulating his answer. "I give people directions about how to get to important places."

"Oh. Like uh GPS."

"Hm." He'd never thought of it like that before. Of course, he hadn't been completely truthful with Boy. He only gave directions to the dead, and the directions always led to hell.

"Where're you going, Boy?" he asked.

"Wherever yah're goin'."

"Well, I've arrived," Jenkins said, as the end of the road loomed ahead. His boss always made the road end just before his gas tank ran out, just to make him nervous.

"Wow," Boy said, staring ahead.

The End

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