We left the hotel and headed to one of the waterfalls in Jeju. The drive was one long boring hour; the only thing to look at were the trees and the occasional statue of 돌하르방 (dolharbang). We arrived only to find the park closed. My aunt asked the ticket seller if there was any way we could get in to the park, after some arguing the guy said "three lefts," and closed window.

We got back in the van and took three lefts to find another entrance with a closed ticket shop. My 삼촌 (uncle) led us into the park, we had sneaked in. My family took their time but I rushed ahead to take some pics of the second waterfall. I got back just in time as my family started walking to the site of the first waterfall.

When we got there I was disappointed; there was no waterfall! I assumed that it hadn't rained lately in Jeju. It was still beautiful though, the water was a very light blue-green color and was crystal clear. With nothing to ripple the water the water was as still as water can possibly be.

After taking some family photos my family and I got ready to go to the second waterfall. Since I had already been there I argued with them and they let me go to the third waterfall with my 삼촌. The third waterfall wasn't as magnificent as the second but it was still nice.

The End

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