“Welcome to Jeju,” The sign read. I took a brochure from under the sign and started to flip through it. My family and I walked outside to the van we rented and climbed in. We rolled the windows down to welcome the wind but soon closed them for the horrible smell of the sea wafted into the van. Pinching our noses we slammed the windows shut.

We arrived at the hotel and started to unpack all of our bags. Our room overlooked the sea, actually it was right next to it. Looking at it I complained, where was the sand?! It turns out that since the island is mostly lava rock there are very few beaches. Thinking it over it made sense, but still it kinda sucked.

The room was very nice with a kitchen that included a stove (stoves are pretty rare in South Korea), TV room, a bedroom, and another extra empty room. Since there was only one bed most of us would sleep on the floor.

The End

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