The New ProspectMature

Jeff looked at the man and sees him struggling to free himself to save his defenseless wife. But it is no use Jeff is a natural.  The next 10 minutes were horror for the woman and her husband but for Jeff it was empowering. Taking a woman by force is what made him feel like the top dog, the one in control. After she lay on the floor bloody and tears streamed down her cheeks. Jeff then turned his head on the pitiful sight to the husband who to had a tear tracing his cheek. Jeff took the mans pants off then his shirt, not to defile him but to continue the plan. He cut his stomach open then cuts off the mans testicals. All the while the baby was silent, the woman was crying, and the man was screaming mercy. He took the mans bowels out while was awake then he cut his neck. He didn’t wait for the man to die but took the baby for future use and left the woman alive to speak of his return.


The End

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