The New ProspectMature

The man struggled but still he succumbed to the darkness in the cloth.

The womans eyes were as big as saucers as she floundered in the chair like a fish. She tried to scream but the duct tape muffled it. The baby was awake and was screaming, wanting something. Jeff shook his head in disdain at the dependent child. Jeff pulled a toy chest across the floor to beside the screaming woman. He then dragged the husband on to the chest. He then realized he can’t properly keep him in place Jeff got a chair from the family room next to the nursery. When he had the man securely in the chair next to his screaming wife Jeff slapped the man awake. It took the man a few minutes to come to fully. Jeff grabbed the screaming baby and looked at its scrunched up face. Jeff told the baby to stop but it only wailed louder. Fed up with the shrill wailing he slapped the baby on its chubby cheek. The mother recoiled in horror and the father looked at Jeff with hatred. The baby did not stop even after the hit so Jeff decided to speed things up. He placed his knife on the baby’s cheek. The baby stopped screaming but now Jeff was to into it. He sliced one line down the babys cheek. Then forehead. Blood pooled on the surface of the babys face. Jeff got an idea then cut the sides of the babys mouth open in a sliced grin, like his own. Jeff suddenly stopped and put the baby on the chest and went to the wife. He pulled her nightgown off slowly then her under garments. He cut off the tape restraining her and then lowered her shocked body to the floor.

The End

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