The New ProspectMature

Jeff slowly opened the door making minimal sound. He went to the womans side first. If he took the man first she would scream and call for the police force. If he grabs the woman first the man would run after them and fall into the trap. He slid his arms under her small body picking her up and holding her to his chest she murmured softly to him. Jeff felt something primal rise up in him. He pushed a strand of her blonde hair back with his gloved hand. She smiled with her eyes serenely closed. He walked to his old room and backed up into it, opening it more , not caring if he made a sound. He placed the woman in the chair her eyes were still closed. He pulled a roll of duct tape from one of the pockets in his cargo pants. Then he wrapped the tape to her feet attaching her to the rocking chair. When he was finished he looked up and she was snoring softly. He returned the tape to his pocket and grabbed a zip tie. He secured it around her wrists. He stood back to admire his handiwork when he realized her eyes were open and so was her mouth.

He shook his head then taped her mouth shut. He heard heavy footfalls announcing the husband coming to the rescue. Jeff stood his back to the wall waiting for the husband. The husband ran into the room and looked at his wife in horror. Jeff smiled then forced a wet cloth on the husbands mouth.

The End

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