The New ProspectMature

Jeff didn’t quake in fear like everyone who’s looked into those steel gray eyes. Jeff looked in the black mans eyes and smiled. The black man flinched and looked at his feet. Jeffs smile widened. “Dismissed.” The black man nodded tightly and scampered off. Jeff laughed imagining the black man as a puppy with its tail between its legs.

It took Jeff ten steps to make it up the bricked walkway. Once at the door he pulled out the piece of paper and entered a code in a security panel on the wall. The light blinks green and the door effortlessly slid open. His first thought when he walked through the entryway was it is dark, once his eyes had adjusted he noticed the paint on the stairs, looking closer he realized the paint was pink and toxin free. Anticipation raced through his veins, He was revising his plan to add another prospect. He looked longingly up the stairs but turned to verify that the bottom floor was empty. He looked in every crevice and under all the furniture no one was there. He made his way back to the entry hall he trailed his gloved hands along the new wood paneled walls. He counted each step up the stairs watching out for creaky spots. In no time he was at his old room. He cupped his hand around his ear and leaned in close to catch any sounds. A lullaby was playing softly in the room, no matter how much Jeff wanted to go in there and wrap his fingers around the small neck he held himself back. Still he opened the door slightly, for his plan. He walked down the carpeted hall towards the master sleep room. He doesn’t have to lean in close to hear the snoring coming from two different people inside the room.

The End

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