Jeff ReturnsMature

This is a Fan fiction for now. It is based off of Jeff the Killer on Creepypasta. This is just the prologue to what I hope is a longer story. Which will be switching point of views from A detective named Jane and Briefly shining light on some of Jeffs kills. Please give me feedback. Also if there are any mistakes can you point them out? (First five pages are the prologue)

Jeff Returns

Jeff was strolling down the dark street with a new blade in hand. The blade was double edged with a nice leather hilt. The blade would get its first taste of life tonight; the thought brought a chilling smile to Jeffs face. A shadowed silhouette fell into pace with Jeff. Both stared straight ahead as if unaware of the others presence. The shadowed silhouette discreetly hands Jeff a small piece of paper. Jeff accepted it and deftly handed back a wad of cash. No one was around to witness the exchange, if they were they wouldn’t get five paces before Jeff sliced their throat. With a silent cry they’d fall like a sack of potatoes with a low thud. Thankfully no one saw it because if they did it would be a major set back to Jeffs plan.

They both stopped in front of a two-story house. The house once so alive with life was now dead with bad memories. Not for Jeff but for the victims. Jeff feels no remorse looking at his old home and all that he’s caused. The shadowed silhouette took a step towards the house, Jeff blocked the silhouette from going any farther up the walkway with his arm. The shadowed silhouette looked back at Jeff and his face is was then revealed. The man is black, has a strong nose and jaw and eyes capable of killing,

The End

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