Jebet Muruni

That is my name, or at least that is what they call me. Jebet Muruni: Daughter of the Water-Bringer.

That is my name, or at least that is what they call me.  Jebet Muruni:  Daughter of the Water-Bringer.

At first I thought it was pretty neat, that they had given me a real tribal name.  I had even been given a traditional christening ceremony.  Of course I knew it was really all being done by a clever politician who wanted to get the support of the tribal leaders in the region, but nonetheless, I felt special at the time.

Yet it was only years later that I finally realized the curse this name bore.  No matter what I did in my life, no matter how much good I did, or how much trouble I caused, none of it would ever actually reflect upon me.  My identity was given to me through my father, I being simply Jebet Muruni, the nameless, faceless daughter of an important man.  And anything I could ever do, either to his credit or shame, would be immediately placed directly back on his shoulders, never my own.

I would hear my teacher gossiping in the marketplace.  "That Jebet Muruni really scores good marks on her school work,"  she might begin, and "Good for him!" the rest all gathered about would say, "But she is about as well behaved as a little monkey!"  my teacher would finish, and "I'm sure it pains him." the others would all agree.

I am Jebet Muruni.  Welcome to my world.

The End

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