...The nightmares beginMature

Arndt sat on a chair next to Sven's bed, where he lay asleep. He knew that this, in fact, was not Sven's first struggle with drug addiction. Dominik, Sven's confidant, had finally split the beans when the latter had gone missing.

Arndt could never forgive Merle for scarring his son. His own sister-in-law... He had heard rumours that she had gone crazy after her husband, and Arndt's brother Stefan Schulz's death, but...tho think that Sven spent all his holidays with her, since he was nine till he was sixteen...Arndt almost wept in pain. If only he knew about all this sooner...

His attention was brought back to the present by Sven's murmurings as he slept. Arndt knew that quite soon he would crave for more drugs, and then become violent and scream in pain if he didn't get it.

"Don't...don't shoot me..."Sven muttered quite clearly and Arndt leaned in, shocked. "Don't shootme, Merle, don't...I like someone...Don't ...Don't, please...DON'T KILL ME...DON'T SHOOT ME..."

Arndt caught hold of Sven's flailing arms and pinned them down. Soon, Sven stopped struggling, and slept again.

Merle had shot his son? arndt couldburn that woman alive if she wasn;'t already dead by now. What did she do to him? Why would she target a child?

"Leni...Leni please" Sven started murmuring again, "Don't...don't hate me...Leni...Please don't hate me."

The End

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